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At Eggers Brothers we provide you with the best auto parts matched with the lowest prices and greatest service. Our knowledgeable experts will help you find the correct auto part whether it be an oil filter, timing belt, or new tail light.

Products groups that we cover include:

  • Engines and Clutch - Engines, Parts, New Clutches
  • Differential - Axles Ring and Pinion Kits, Locking Differentials 
  • Drive Shafts - Complete Shafts and Drive Shaft Rebuilding 
  • Transmission and Transfer - Gears, Shafts, Bearings and Seal Kits, Complete Assemblies 
  • Brakes - Pads and Shoes, Master and Wheel Cylinders, Rotors and Drums
  • Steering and Suspension - Steering Gear Boxes, Tie Rods, Springs, Shocks
  • Cooling System - Radiators, Heater Cores, Radiator Fans, Belts and Hoses
  • Body Parts - Body Tub and Kits, Fenders, Hoods, Windshield Frames, Bumpers and Side Bars 
  • Hard and Soft Tops - New and Used Hard Tops, Soft Tops, Seats
  • Accessories - Electric and Hydraulic Winches, Mirrors, Stainless Steel and Black Bumpers, Nerf Bars, Stainless Steel Accessories 
  • Lift Kits - Heavy Duty Shocks, Suspension and Body Lift Kits
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 Here at Eggers Brothers we are continuously stocking more Jeep parts. We have offered Jeep replacement parts for over 50 years! When we acquired some dealer inventories in the early 70's, our initial stock and experience began and we started distribution for several aftermarket companies.

View some of these companies' products here:


We are now increasing our emphasis on this line due to a renewed interest in restoration and rebuilding of the "Legendary" Jeep. Parts for CJ's and Wranglers are our specialty. However, we also have parts available for trucks, utility vehicles, Cherokees, and early Military models as well. We cover over 75 years of production from the models in the early 40's through the ones in the 21st century. 

We compete with the mass merchandisers every day. Our prices are consistently lower on hard parts, and the prices for our accessories are very competitive. The high operating costs of the mass merchandisers are passed on to you, the customer, in higher prices and less service.
Instead of hassling with little or no service and high prices, give Eggers Brothers a call, where we aim to give you the BEST bottom line value! Whether you are restoring a CJ2A to original, adding accessories to a TJ Wrangler, or anything in between, Call EBI "Your Jeep Parts Source!"